Customizing Koi: 129 Twig & Vine

This is very very interesting!

With a little bit of tinkering, it is doable.


The Blog

The past several months, we’ve highlighted a number of sites that use some of the popular free themes available on — Oxygen, Bueno, and Sight to name a few. Visiting a site is a bit like walking into someone’s house, and as you poke around, you’ll notice someone’s personal style and accents. With custom touches, the users we’ve featured so far have truly made these sites their own.

Sue Schlabach warmly opens the door to her online home, 129 Twig & Vine: a stylish, vintage-inspired blog on art and life in central Vermont. She has completely transformed Koi, the playful orange theme you can’t miss in our Theme Showcase. Here is Koi’s out-of-the-box look next to Sue’s site:

Before-After Koi

Sue, an artist living on a hillside in a rural area, evokes the artisan lifestyle with 129 Twig & Vine‘s paper craft-inspired look and antique touches. She liked…

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