About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to Homemade Magnolia!

Hi! I'm Magnolia. What's yours?

My name is Magnolia. What’s yours?

Since identity asks the question, “Who am I?”…

Let’s start with my name, Magnolia.

Many of you would think that I was named after the flower called Magnolia. Right?!

But that’s actually NOT the case. My name is actually derived from an ice cream company in the Philippines named Magnolia Ice Cream.

My dad used to work there plus, we love their flavours… particularly “Double Dutch”! YUM! ^^,

It is still very vivid in my mind how my classmates were name-calling me because it is like naming your child “Häagen-Dazs” or something…

Thankfully, I realized when I moved to the United States that Magnolia is more known to be a flower here than an ice cream brand. That made me feel much better!


This blog is a portfolio of my current adventures at home.

And since “a picture paints a thousand words”…

Please allow me to show you my bulletin board (=

What is going on inside Magnolia's head. Bow.

What is going on inside Magnolia’s head (=

I guess you just have to look closely… and you will kind of understand where I am coming from (=

I hope this will inspire you to craft, cook, over-expose your husband (wink!) and to meditate on what matters most in this life.

Now tell me…

What is your name?

And then, we’ll go from there… ^^,


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