Pay it Forward (Project Number 2)

This is my attempt to complete the project I endeavoured to pursue at the beginning of this year. (I know. It is moving sloooowly, but you know…at least it is moving. hehe)

The first one I made was for her older sister.

Pocahontas-look alike Necklace

Pocahontas-look alike Necklace

The Facebook post goes like this: “The first five people to comment on this status (and by extension, send their home address in my Message inbox ^^,) will receive a small surprise from me in the next year (a gift card, piece of art, something homemade, delicious treats, etc.) whatever I think would suit you! There won’t be a warning and it will happen without notice and whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer in their Facebook status. Keep paying it forward and spread the cheer. Oh, and “likes” don’t count–you must comment!”

I hope you like this!

I hope my Pay-it- Forward receiver likes this!

So, 2 down…
3 more to go.
This is for you Sarah (=